Our production process is rooted in innovation, affordability and practicality

01. Our Production


Our Production

When it comes to products, JOURNE sits at the forefront of revolutionary design and idea development. Committed to understanding the importance of everyday living, we strive to create smart, useful and affordable essentials for the home — under our own brands or the brand of a client.

From inception to manufacturing, our curated team of experts oversee the development of products born from the evolution of design.

02. Design and Engineering

What We Offer

Our sustainability framework

Sustainable design optimizes the needs of people and the planet whilst achieving commercial objectives in areas such as innovation, aesthetics, and affordability, to maximise the return on investment for all stakeholders. At Journe we have created a sustainability design framework using the ESGs as the building blocks of our approach.

Sustainability for us means caring and questioning what happens to our products at the end of their life.
We have built in waste led design thinking at every step
of the process:


We look at sustainable alternatives at the material level, and do end of life analysis on potential materials.


We prioritise designing with mono-materials, create timeless designs and design for disassembly.


We create durable designs with the least amount of materials, optimise our packaging and stacking to ensure we are shipping the least amount of volume.

04. Sustainability

Our Approach


Our mission is to make the best products, today for a cleaner world, tomorrow. Our approach to sustainability is simple: elevate the impact we create, and the one we leave behind. Reducing our impact on the environment is as important to us as creating high quality, innovative and affordable items for our customers.

Using all the resources we have, our goal is to better our products, people and the planet.