Leading the way for a sustainable future with innovative manufacturing.

01. Our Brands

Functionality and Innovation

Our Brands

The mission of our brands is to improve the lives of people while representing an acute sensitivity to the needs of the planet. Of cultivating our growth for decades to come while nurturing the health of the world so that it, too, can keep growing.

Our brands combine functionality and innovation with sustainability and leadership. They are dedicated to delivering the very best options for all aspects of living in a way that’s greater and greener than ever before.

Join us on our journey.

Ezy Storage

All Things Organised

The flagship brand of JOURNE, Ezy Storage products strive to organise everyday life by creating and delivering innovative storage and household products at an affordable price. This includes everything from caddies for baked goods to heavy duty storage tubs. Our products are made from the highest food-grade, lead and BPA-free raw materials that are eco-friendly and recyclable.

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Proven favourite for Australian Pet Owners

With a broad range of products for the pet community, Tailwaggers is a proven favourite among Australian pet owners. They’re trusted for their innovative and sustainable products that range from pet accessories – including bedding, toys and outdoor shelters – to interactive pieces like cat trees. Tailwaggers is the beacon of consistency and quality, without the hefty price tag.